Monday, November 3, 2008

Frame Completion Getting Closer

I had the shoulder mounting plates re-cut last week. This time around there were NO problems with the dimentions. Also had the vertical UAC rails re-cut, this time I had the mounting holes drill on the router so that I wouldn't botch those pieces again.
Purchased 12' of ¾" round rod to have the riser rods machined.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maker Faire

This weekend was Maker Faire in Austin. This was the 2nd year it has been in Austin. It was great day weather wise and I took a very leisurely drive up. There were some very cool gadgets there, but I was hoping for a little more in robotics. They did have battle bots and that was very cool.

Also in attendance were a couple of builders from the R2 builders club. I didn't spend any time discussing droids since I wanted to take in the rest of the faire. I did ask if they would be in Plano for the upcoming Star Wars Days II the weekend of October 25th and they said they would. So I plan to pick their brains then. Here is a quick video of one of the astromechs. (Note the new Com 8 frame)

Slow progress

I attempted to have the shoulder mount plates cut this past week and things didn't go well. We some how altered the dimensions and ended up with two different sized plates. I will; of course, have these re cut sometime soon.
That isn't only thing that went wrong. While I was waiting for those, I attempted to drill and tap the holes in the UAC vertical rails and botched that. Those too will be re cut.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Vent Frame

I had the vent frame cut today. Still need to drill and tap the #4-40 holes, but things are coming along nicely.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More frame parts

I had the utility arm carrier horizontal & vertical rails cut today. At the moment they are unfinished. Drilling and tapping are still needed. Pix coming soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

First parts made.

Well after many years of lurking around the R2 Builders club. I decided now was the time to start making my own astromech droid. Fortunately I have the ability to have some of the parts made at work, since we have a 3D router that we use to cut custom and fabricated letters, logos and signs.

I decided the first thing I should do was to make the frame and work out from there. So with the help of my work peers I had the three rings of the frame cut using JAG 5.0 drawings.

I know this will be a very long process, but I will post my progress when possible.