Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maker Faire

This weekend was Maker Faire in Austin. This was the 2nd year it has been in Austin. It was great day weather wise and I took a very leisurely drive up. There were some very cool gadgets there, but I was hoping for a little more in robotics. They did have battle bots and that was very cool.

Also in attendance were a couple of builders from the R2 builders club. I didn't spend any time discussing droids since I wanted to take in the rest of the faire. I did ask if they would be in Plano for the upcoming Star Wars Days II the weekend of October 25th and they said they would. So I plan to pick their brains then. Here is a quick video of one of the astromechs. (Note the new Com 8 frame)

Slow progress

I attempted to have the shoulder mount plates cut this past week and things didn't go well. We some how altered the dimensions and ended up with two different sized plates. I will; of course, have these re cut sometime soon.
That isn't only thing that went wrong. While I was waiting for those, I attempted to drill and tap the holes in the UAC vertical rails and botched that. Those too will be re cut.